The Café-PAGW


Exterior Diameter: 48¼" x 44¼"
Height: 72"
Weight: 2,500 lbs.
Interior Diameter: 35"
Oven Entrance Opening: 20"W x 9½"H
Clearance to Combustible Sidewalls: 1"

Pizza Capacities:
8" Pizzas: 3-4
12" Pizzas: 2-3
16" Pizzas: 1

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The Café;-PA
The Café-PA Diagram

New York MEA No.: 207-98E

Gas Requirements:
¾" gas outlet – 7" W.C. (LP GAS 10")


Electrical Requirements:
120 VAC/ 3 AMP

Ovens come standard with:

  • Factory finished stainless steel top with black bottom
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Gas burner system recessed in floor
  • Ceramic fire logs (over gas burner)
  • Cast aluminum door
  • Black granite shelf
  • S/S Hood cover
  • S/S Shelf apron
  • S/S Flue adapter
  • Stainless pizza peel
  • Black perforated grill (Optional three tier shelf available)
  • 5 year limited warranty

Custom options and finishes available

Digital Temperature Gauge
Digital Temperature Gauge

Ceramic Fire Logs   
Dial Temperature Gauge

Granite Shelf & S/S Apron
Granite Shelf & S/S Apron

The Café-PAGW
Pre-Assembled Oven

The Café-PAGW contains all the same high quality features and components as the 90-PAGW oven. In addition, The Café-PAGW has a sleek stainless steel and black steel enclosure. Like all of the Earthstone PAGW pre-assembled models, The Café-PAGW has three modes of operation: gas fired, gas and wood combination and wood fired.

The Café-PAGW model includes a heavy-duty gas burner system which is engineered for optimum performance and long term reliable operation through a straightforward design and the use of high quality components. The solenoid based burner control automatically adjusts flame height and intensity to maintain the preset temperature.