Model 90-PAG


Exterior Diameter: 50"
Height: 80"
Weight: 2,500 lbs.
Interior Diameter: 35"
Oven Entrance Opening: 20"W x 9½"H
Clearance to Combustible Sidewalls: 1"

Pizza Capacities:
8" Pizzas: 3-4
12" Pizzas: 2
16" Pizzas: 1

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90-PA Diagram

New York MEA No.: 207-98E

Gas Requirements:
¾" gas outlet – 7" W.C. (LP GAS 10")


Electrical Requirements:
120 VAC/ 3 AMP

Ovens come standard with:

  • Factory finished gray paint
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Heavy duty gas burner system recessed in floor
  • Ceramic fire logs
  • Cast Aluminum door
  • Granite shelf
  • Hood cover (s/s or copper)
  • Shelf apron (s/s or copper)
  • S/S Flue adapter
  • Stainless pizza peel
  • 5 year limited warranty

Dial Temperature Gauge
Dial Temperature Gauge

Granite Shelf & S/S Apron
Granite Shelf & S/S Apron

Model 90-PAG
Gas-Fired Pre-Assembled Oven

The Model 90-PAG gas fired oven contains all the same high quality features and components as the Model 90-PA wood fire oven. Our heavy duty gas burner system is engineered for optimum performance and long term reliable operation through a straightforward design and the use of high quality components. The solenoid based burner control automatically adjusts flame height and intensity to maintain the preset temperature. All our PAG models are manufactured in Los Angeles.