Exterior Diameter: 70"
Height: 80"
Electrical Req.: 120 VAC/ 3 AMP
Gas Req.: N/A
Pizza Capacities:
8" pizzas: 6-7
12" pizzas: 6-7
16" pizzas: 3-4

Ovens come standard with:

  • Factory finished gray paint
  • Mechanical Thermometer (0-1000F)
  • Coal Grate and combustion fan
  • Ash disposal chute and removable storage bin
  • Cast Aluminum door
  • Granite shelf
  • Hood cover (s/s or copper)
  • Shelf apron (s/s or copper)
  • S/S Flue adapter
  • Metal pizza peel
  • 5 year limited warranty

Custom options and finishes available

Dial Temperature Gauge
Digital Temperature
Ceramic Fire Logs
Granite Shelf
& S/S Apron

130-PACB Coal Burning Oven

The Model 130-PACB Oven has a 52" interior cooking diameter and a 27"W x 14½"H oven entrance. The body parts are a cast 4 to 6 inch thick dense, high temperature refractory material with an 80% alumina content and additional special additives which stop deterioration from acids emitted by wood and coal combustion. The Model 130-PACB oven has a 1-inch side clearance to combustible materials.

Interior diameter 52"
Oven entrance opening: 27"W x 14½"H
Clearance to combustible sidewalls: 1"
Weight: 5,000 lb.
Electrical Requirement: 120 VAC/ 3 AMP

The oven incorporates an innovative coal grate, air induction and removable ash disposal bin which is designed to enhance combustion.

The steel support frame and enclosure are constructed of heavy gauge welded tube steel and angle iron members. All precisely fabricated and attractively designed. The void area between the cast oven body and steel circular enclosure is entirely filled with 4 to 20 inches of a hardened lightweight insulation mixture, which forms a secondary molded body. The combination of our thick cast refractory body and an outer insulation shell maximizes the thermal mass or heat storage capacity of the oven which allows for an extremely efficient oven that cooks at even non fluctuating temperatures.

The temperature probe is placed 4½" into the dome or top of the oven in lieu of on the floor in order to avoid temperature readout fluctuations caused by food items placed on the floor.

Pizza Capacities:
8" Pizzas: 9-10
12" Pizzas: 6-7
16" Pizzas: 3-4

A stainless steel adapter sleeve is placed over the standard eyebrow hood, which comes with either a stainless steel or copper hood cover.

The hearth floor tiles, "Pierre de Boulanger" (Bakers Tiles), which are used in industrial bread baking ovens all across Europe, are refractory material pressed at 8,500 p.s.i. and kiln fired at 2,800 degrees which ceramitizes the material to create a hard and extremely durable tile. Both the body pieces and floor tiles are cast and assembled individually which allows for continuous joints throughout the entire oven. This greatly reduces the possibility of stress cracks due to normal heat expansion and contraction. In addition this allows the ovens to be serviceable which extends their usable life.